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Monday, April 02, 2007


went to see phantom of the opera last sat.

but b4 we can get to the esplanade (anyhow spell, coz forgot the spelling =P)
the "opera" already started.
by my dear car...
it simply wont start and made some funny noises when we tried to start it.


so we had to take a cab to the (whatever the spelling is) and took a quick meal at a very lousy restuarant with no waitresses and messy service.


back to the phantom

it was, as i expected,
not very good...

maybe i listened to the original cast too much (darling have a cd of the original cast singing)
so i am biased.

but oh well,
it was a fun experience, coz havnt been out and abt with darling for quite some time.
u see, he was in the hospital b4 the cny, and is still rather "delicate"
gall bladder problem lah...
but i am juz glad that we can go on a "date" again.
and pls heaven, dun let the docs cut him up again...

*the world is full of stupid idiots*
lynniebabi { 11:16 PM } 1 meows

i watched phantom the first time it came here... in the early 90's.... it was disappointing even for ME then... imagine me, a teenage girl... disappointed with it due to its overrated chandelier scene... this time it came...hmm... well i din even really bother getting hyped up. :s
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boys and girls,

i am back!!!


now i understand. blogger is NOT compatitble with Mac...

well then. coz for the past 3/4 of a year i was using my mac trying to log in, trying to see if my blog still exist, trying to see my frens' blog. all failed.

and that's not the only that failed on the "almighty" macintosh.


and dun tell me that Mac is super good lah blah blah blah.
i will kick u to the end of the world.

*the world is full of stupid idiots*
lynniebabi { 11:10 PM } 1 meows


you noe, i've to use a mac at work too,... it nearly killed me the first two months, i totalllyyyyy understand and am of the same idea as you.... macs ah... wah lau eh.... :
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Thursday, July 20, 2006


lim kim san
1916 - 2006

he who made cheap quality housing a reality.
he who was a forefather of modern singapore.

lynniebabi { 10:43 PM } 0 meows

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


went to watch pirates of caribbean.

did i tell u the joke abt this movie?
well, one of my ex-colleagues asked me when part 1 was in the cinema:
"did u see the pirates of taliban?"


so now sometimes i will mispronounce the word "caribbean" when it has the words "pirates of" in front of it.


this is a darker movie.
and i dun like elizabeth. ditto for jack.
the only character that i fancy in this movie is *gasp*
will turner.
/roll eyes
the char that i tot was a softie.
/double roll eyes

my holiday is coming to an end.
darling and i took leave for my bday.
dun ask me where we go.
we din go anywhere but onyxia lair, motlen core, silithus....
ya, in-game tourist attractions of world of warcraft.
all "visited" on somewhat unearthly hours (usa time, what do u think? >.<)
which makes me more tired than before...

i need to go somewhere far away.
maybe to portland, usa.
coz chris, our good fren keeps asking
"lynnie when are u coming to portland?!?!"

but the thing is,
i dun wanna go back to work.

dun tell me boss...

*the world is full of stupid idiots*
lynniebabi { 11:08 PM } 1 meows

portland oregon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i nearly went for my masters at eugene! if you do get there, please say hi to the ducks for me.... quack quack....

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i am beginning to realise
my wow guild is becoming a elite guild.
running mc, runing aq, running onyxia.

juz hope it wont be "elitist".

*the world is full of stupid idiots*
lynniebabi { 10:05 PM } 0 meows

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


o.h. is on it again.

her sis, i call her auntie, juz told her that her daughter in law is expecting again. and o.h. gets all worked up.

she blew up at her hubby, and give no peace at all.
juz becoz she tot auntie was laughing at her for not having a grand child.

this is not the 1st time.

once, auntie out of good will told her that she and i shld not live under the same roof. she blew up, and kept saying
"pple look down on me! i shld let them see better!"

darling cant be bothered by her.

i was juz thinking,
her hubby spoilt her rotten.

and i am juz simply sian abt all this.

i am thinking:
wat is actually happening to my life?!?!
u noe,
since young i am scared of dying, simply becoz there will be no1 at my wake.

no 1.


the world is full of stupid idiots, and i am one of them.

*the world is full of stupid idiots*
lynniebabi { 7:33 PM } 0 meows

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


got a new phone.


after my sonyericsson threatened me again and again:
"i am going to die! i am going to die!"

ya i noe, empty threats. but it's getting tiring.

after 2 yrs of sonyericsson,
i am back to nokia.
but some images cant be downloaded via bluetooth.
am getting frustrated.

sorry for shouting,
esp after being absent for so long.

oh and sheik,
i am sorry abt the way things turned out to be.

a colleague of mine lost her daughter last week.
freak accident in canada.
the poor gal was the only gal to die in the accident.
and i realised that she was my junior in sch.

i am a little depressed now. for the lost of a young life. a brilliant active and beautiful gal.
kinda made me wonder:
why am i here?

can any1 tell me?

*the world is full of stupid idiots*
lynniebabi { 10:36 PM } 0 meows

Friday, May 26, 2006


there's a saying:
u only lost ur temper to ur family.
coz they are ur family, so no matter what happens, they will still love u.

if some1 lost his/her temper to his/her fren,
does it mean that he/she treats this fren as family?


dun ask me.
i am still trying to figure out meself.


me got not much frens.

i am always this gal who stay at the sideline, looking on.

i dunno how to meet new fellows, how to say anything to new fellows, how to behave with new fellows.

pple always say i am a cute cat/cool cat/watever-adjective cat.
they always say me is a social cat. with a smiling face.
(ya rite!)
i also dunno why.

this is a strange world.
maybe i shldnt be here.
at all.


i need some sleep.

can i have some uninterrupted sleep?

can all alarm clocks be banished by me side?

can i no need to wake up and rush to work?

can i?

oh gosh i feel so tired and sick.

*the world is full of stupid idiots*
lynniebabi { 10:50 PM } 0 meows

Saturday, May 20, 2006


creative sued apple.

apple counter sued creative.

imo, creative is the one who invented mp3 player. period.

sorry lah mr sim.

next time me buying ur product, ok?

*the world is full of stupid idiots*
lynniebabi { 5:35 PM } 0 meows

juz up

i... pod?


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